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Only allow technicians to reopen a closed ticket Answered Ryan Derbyshire 1 comment 0 votes
Assign contract by device vs device type None Erin Smith 0 comments 0 votes
Interactive list of ALL installed programs Planned Caleb Christopher 2 comments 8 votes
Different Product Family list Per Customer Planned Travis Barker 2 comments 0 votes
Report of PC's running HDD's not SSD's. Its time for SSD's for all! Planned Dave Webster 2 comments 7 votes
Atera Ideas, votes matter! None Dave Webster 1 comment 4 votes
device / ticket history or even just a notes box under devices? Planned Dave Webster 1 comment 2 votes
2fa Microsoft Authenticator app integration None Benny Goinar 2 comments 8 votes
Splashtop SOS (Included in Atera) - Idea!! None Christopher Shirley 2 comments 5 votes
Cross Platform Deployment Planned Richard Witton 1 comment 0 votes
Tickets Attachment button not accessible to screen readers None Aziz 1 comment 0 votes
Link Contract Rate & Product SKUs to Xero Item Codes Planned Sam 1 comment 1 vote
Alert Email Template s None Paul Simcox 1 comment 4 votes
ConnectWise Integration None Jonas Kei 0 comments 3 votes
24 hour notation in reports Planned Bas Jonkers 1 comment 3 votes
Security Items Answered Tim Riley 5 comments 3 votes
Additional Customer Rank Filter in Devices and Customers Tabs None William 0 comments 3 votes
Calendar Integration Planned Simon Budden 5 comments 7 votes
Detailed hardware report Planned Brendan Richman 3 comments 12 votes
Alerts For Upcoming Contract Billing Planned Sam 2 comments 2 votes
Making it simple to add multiple TCP devices to an agent Planned Gord Campbell 1 comment 2 votes
More Versatile Reporting options Answered Raymond 2 comments 4 votes
Customer Satisfaction Rating None James Duke 0 comments 1 vote
Disabling Desktop Notifications None Chandler Myron 1 comment 1 vote
WHAT COMPUTER IS THIS? None Bgraves 3 comments 3 votes
option for notification when monitors or devices come back online. None Eric Sayles 0 comments 6 votes
API CalledID lookup for contact info. None Dave Webster 0 comments 2 votes
Please Add: callto: or tel: href's on contacts phone numbers Completed Dave Webster 5 comments 2 votes
Software inventory search version less than None Nick Julia 0 comments 4 votes
tickets None Mike Archambault 0 comments 0 votes