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Client invoice in Atera needs 1click email None John Noble 1 comment 5 votes
Client invoice in Atera needs hour details None John Noble 1 comment 9 votes
Assign to a Sales Person None John Noble 1 comment 4 votes
Additional safeguards to prevent our customers from receiving copies of our invoices None Eric Fletcher 0 comments 1 vote
Merge 1 Agent to another None Adrian Wilson 0 comments 8 votes
Ability to alphabetize reports under Auditor. None Jerad Forsyth 0 comments 0 votes
Folder and bulk add files in attachements None Oliver Toftemann 0 comments 2 votes
Scheduling Auditor Reports to be emailed automatically None Ron Consalvo 1 comment 6 votes
BCC in the ticket None RPTS Texas A&M 2 comments 7 votes
Alerts API None Silas Exum 0 comments 8 votes
One Contact (not Customer) - 2+ Agents None David Einstein 0 comments 5 votes
Dashboard - Client Map - Auto Zoom Needed None John Noble 1 comment 4 votes
Add ability to "link" scripts together None Texas A&M Entomology 0 comments 0 votes
Additional Support Email Addresses None RPTS Texas A&M 0 comments 6 votes
Option to archive customer/contact None Aimee 1 comment 3 votes
Give permissions to Customers which articles to access in the Support Portal None Aldrin Ginete 3 comments 6 votes
Remote Support Improvements None Scott Wagner 0 comments 6 votes
Please remove online backup from reports if customer is not using it. None Chris Douglas 0 comments 6 votes
Network Mapping None Aaron Spence 0 comments 13 votes
Dashboard - Custom Widgets None Aaron Spence 0 comments 6 votes
Modify what displays on the dash None Sean Garland 1 comment 4 votes
Why is Atera using Zendesk? None Matthew Bingham 4 comments 10 votes
Option when creating ticket not to email customer None Jason Danvers 0 comments 2 votes
Ticket Title None Frederik Hartz 0 comments 1 vote
alert if performance metrics are at zero but pc works fine None Martin Nigg 0 comments 0 votes
Remote access logging None Tim Penfold 3 comments 9 votes
cath-all logging None Martin Nigg 2 comments 6 votes
Help Desk Tray Icon additional menu items None Jason Scopelleti 3 comments 6 votes
Splashtop RMM Connection - Custom Name None Richard Halliday 0 comments 7 votes
Ticket Auto Close after x amount of time None Benny Goinar 4 comments 27 votes