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Interactive Powershell shell None Neil Chambers 0 comments 5 votes
Define specific user acces for reports None Carina Walbom 0 comments 1 vote
URL Custom Field Type None Jeremy Cole 0 comments 5 votes
Additional Agent Fields check box in Search field None Nick Renna 1 comment 0 votes
Improve Helpdesk Agent confirmation system None Neil Chambers 2 comments 5 votes
Technician Activity None Adrian Wilson 0 comments 2 votes
Splashtop None Chris Walker 1 comment 2 votes
Continuum Integration None Terry Saliba 2 comments 0 votes
Don't rely on Security Centre for monitoring None Neil Chambers 1 comment 9 votes
Splashtop reporting None Sudhashen Naicker 2 comments 8 votes
clear device alerts None Chris Douglas 0 comments 5 votes
last logged user name displayed incorrectly None Chris Douglas 0 comments 2 votes
Graphics Card Metrics None Zarek Juarez 0 comments 2 votes
Helpdesk Ticket Reply Scripts None Tyler Lay 0 comments 0 votes
Internal note notification None Jordan Gibson 0 comments 7 votes
more information in costumer portal None Nick Krabbendam 0 comments 4 votes
Conversation None Carina Walbom 0 comments 4 votes
PSA Improvements None Mark Steffen 1 comment 16 votes
Automatically Enable Help Desk Agent None Matthew Hunn 3 comments 7 votes
White Label Backup System None Corey Sheppard 6 comments 2 votes
WHMCS Integration None Mark Steffen 1 comment 2 votes
Mark Invoice Paid - Statement Report None Michael Mills 0 comments 3 votes
Ticket Alert Sound None John Townsend 0 comments 4 votes
Option to remove seconds field on time None Charles Cain 0 comments 2 votes
Simple view to see all a customers tickets None Charles Cain 1 comment 3 votes
Option to Link ticket to PC/HArdware None Charles Cain 1 comment 1 vote
Forward email to ticketing system None Mark Steffen 0 comments 7 votes
Enable/Disable USB None Erik J. Eckert 1 comment 4 votes
Add/Remove Software Alert None Erik J. Eckert 0 comments 4 votes
Alert for Add/Remove User None Erik J. Eckert 0 comments 1 vote