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Request: Detailed Technician Performance Reports None Mansa Smith 0 comments 2 votes
Ticket Custom Form None Brian Smith 0 comments 3 votes
Customer List None Brad Johnston 0 comments 4 votes
Sort / Filter by last Reboot Time None Niclas Rakowsky 0 comments 1 vote
Ability to send script to everyone None Brian 2 comments 1 vote
Identify drive type in device dashboard None Adam Lavery 0 comments 10 votes
Default Logged in User for ticket creation None Charles Cain 0 comments 1 vote
Multiple Subscription Tiers On One Account None Mike Pruett 0 comments 1 vote
KB view ordering. I can't have Apple at the top! None Dave Webster 0 comments 1 vote
Bug reporting. None Dave Webster 0 comments 3 votes
Monitoring status of Agents None Jabin Burkhart 0 comments 0 votes
CPU Temperature None Assaf Golan 0 comments 5 votes
Alert history None Assaf Golan 1 comment 6 votes
Adding multiple devices to be monitored None Gord Campbell 0 comments 1 vote
Management tools from Mobile Browser None Dave Eisner 0 comments 0 votes
See in timesheet the creator None Alexander Bechtold 0 comments 0 votes
Block Contracts Usage Report None Amir Ovadia 4 comments 3 votes
Add Public Ticket Notes Without Spamming Customer None Rob 2 comments 5 votes
Datto Integration None Justin Barklage 1 comment 4 votes
Include agentless devices (http etc) in Auditor Report None Steve 0 comments 4 votes
Defrag Alert Threshold None Mark Tandy 0 comments 3 votes
Developments - put a process in place to disseminate the info.. None Dave Webster 2 comments 4 votes
3rd party Apps on Atera. None Dave Webster 0 comments 3 votes
Lobbying group. None Dave Webster 0 comments 4 votes
splashtop improvements. None Dave Webster 1 comment 8 votes type solution for ad-hoc support. None Dave Webster 0 comments 3 votes
Mac remote support / helpdesk agent. Feature parity with windows version? None Dave Webster 0 comments 3 votes
Customer contact can't see closed tickets. None Dave Webster 0 comments 5 votes
Feature Request: Allow multiple techs assigned to a ticket None Justin Strate 3 comments 5 votes
Mac OS Version None Talanda Williams 2 comments 4 votes