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Master Software Inventory Planned Liron Hanania 6 comments 52 votes
Ability to run ccleaner and defrag Planned Liron Hanania 6 comments 40 votes
Automatic SNMP Discovery Planned Liron Hanania 6 comments 70 votes
Offer MalwareBytes Answered Liron Hanania 6 comments 124 votes
Security Items Answered Tim Riley 5 comments 2 votes
Calendar Integration Planned Simon Budden 5 comments 6 votes
Please Add: callto: or tel: href's on contacts phone numbers Completed Dave Webster 5 comments 2 votes
Greater amount of hardware detail Planned Asher Wildman 5 comments 16 votes
Add additional SNMP Types Planned Mark Tandy 5 comments 7 votes
Network device details - switches, routers, etc. Planned Paul Senick 5 comments 17 votes
Whitelabel domain None Anne Botter 5 comments 2 votes
Amending the auditor Report None Netcare Support 5 comments 1 vote
Manul time entries default to billable Planned Brian Lee 5 comments 6 votes
Invoice flexability None Steven Walden 5 comments 10 votes
The ability for the Main Contact to view closed tickets in the Customer Portal Planned Jason Danvers 5 comments 11 votes
Ad-Hoc remote support None Adam Lavery 5 comments 5 votes
Button to refresh connection with a workstation would be great None Matty Hauri 5 comments 4 votes
search by user name None Assaf Golan 5 comments 5 votes
Improve Helpdesk Agent confirmation system None Neil Chambers 5 comments 8 votes
"Report!? You can't handle the report!" None scott harris 5 comments 16 votes
Allow for date change on Ticket. None Christopher McLeay 5 comments 11 votes
Last check in time None Sean David 5 comments 16 votes
Customer Portal - View all tickets Planned Liron Hanania 5 comments 18 votes
Site notes tab under customer None Liron Hanania 5 comments 19 votes
Recurring Tickets None Liron Hanania 5 comments 25 votes
Scheduled reboot of systems especially servers Answered Liron Hanania 5 comments 37 votes
Snooze Alerts Forever None Liron Hanania 5 comments 29 votes
Adding notes to Devices Completed Liron Hanania 5 comments 20 votes
Much heavier Webroot integration Answered Liron Hanania 5 comments 41 votes
Reboot Control Answered Liron Hanania 5 comments 38 votes