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Ticket Technician Response Emails - email 'Subject' unprofessional? None Craig Knibbs 0 comments 4 votes
Auto assign thresholds None Stefan Berg 2 comments 0 votes
Timezone Applies Dashboard None Cat Goode 0 comments 2 votes
Retrieve OID information in reports or through API None Marc Mcgrath 0 comments 3 votes
Auto snooze alerts on specific times None Romain 1 comment 2 votes
Device Offline Report/Alert/Email None Shanley Yates 1 comment 13 votes
Prohibit the use of Splashtop for some clients / folders None Romain 0 comments 1 vote
Passwords trickle down from customer to agents None Marc Mcgrath 0 comments 1 vote
Auto close events log alerts on ticket close None Romain 0 comments 1 vote
Make the ticket Description field editable None Aldrin Ginete 0 comments 1 vote
Monitoring for network usage and disk io None Tim Riley 1 comment 7 votes
Change Ticket Status Once Viewed by Technician None Lonnie Thibodeaux 1 comment 5 votes
Adding new Fonts None Jerome 2 comments 1 vote
Assign multiple technicians to a ticket None Justin Strate 0 comments 4 votes
Offline (local) image based backup None Matthew Riffat 1 comment 7 votes
Contact Information of currently logged on user None Niclas Rakowsky 0 comments 3 votes
More filters for bulk actions None Niclas Rakowsky 0 comments 2 votes
Threshold items - Additional Windows Server Roles None Chris Teesdale 0 comments 4 votes
MONITORING SOLUTIONS VIA EMAIL None joshua smith 1 comment 5 votes
WAKE on LAN (WOL) offered across a subnet does not make sense None Grant 0 comments 1 vote
Instant message popup on Agent Computers - Client Notifications None Nick van der Walt 0 comments 5 votes
Email alerts on specific agent None Mikael Wigerhäll 0 comments 2 votes
Disable the sidebar tab popouts None John Aracena 0 comments 1 vote
Threshold email notification None Otto Bengtsson 0 comments 1 vote
Customize E-mail Periodic Reports None Carles 0 comments 2 votes
Reports: Trending None Scott Kuhn 0 comments 1 vote
Ticket Pause/Reminder None Dylan Heath 2 comments 4 votes
Less Redundant Ticket Status None John Aracena 1 comment 1 vote
Redundant Number/Phone Fields on Customer Cards None John Aracena 2 comments 2 votes
Feature Request: Alert me when programs are installed None Jose Pruneda 0 comments 3 votes