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Query instead of Report None Vincent Thaumanavar 0 comments 0 votes
AUTO REMOTE RECONNECT None Bgraves 0 comments 1 vote
automation alerts based of ticket priority. None Dave Webster 0 comments 4 votes
Resize customer boxes None dale rachow 1 comment 1 vote
Compilation of Upcoming Requested Features Acknowledged by Atera None Mark Tandy 2 comments 7 votes
Monitoring/Netflow None Ben 0 comments 0 votes
Patch Mgmt & IT Automation - Frequency Refinement (Select Week) None Adrian Wilson 0 comments 3 votes
Adjust the timeout on the Atera Command Console None Dudley 0 comments 0 votes
Script attach additional file for msi with mst transforms None David Hodges 0 comments 1 vote
Would love some attention to these issues None Scott Hoffman 2 comments 2 votes
Agent to act as webproxy as a frame (or similar) in Atera None Brad Griffiths 0 comments 2 votes
Option to remove "open ticket" and "manage tickets" from agent. None Robert Campbell 0 comments 1 vote
Add SMS (Text messaging) to notifications None Doug Casey 1 comment 4 votes
Ticket Conversation None Ezra Shiram 0 comments 6 votes
MONITORING SOLUTIONS VIA EMAIL2 None joshua smith 0 comments 2 votes
Basic Invoicing with A/R None Michael Mills 0 comments 3 votes
Advanced search None Lisa Christensson 3 comments 4 votes
Allow Customer Primary Contact to view tickets created by Deleted Customer Contact None Admin 0 comments 1 vote
Three essential missing features None Austin McDonald 2 comments 9 votes
Monthly Patch Management - specify week of the month None Jason Mcfadden 0 comments 5 votes
remote uninstall of older stuff None lee 0 comments 0 votes
Teamviewer Integration None Elpc networs צוות תמיכה 0 comments 1 vote
Brand technician ticket replies / reply email signature None James 3 comments 6 votes
This is why we need night mode None Chris Panagapko 1 comment 0 votes
Role for Provision User None Rui Martins 1 comment 2 votes
Windows 10 Reliability Monitor Reports None Chris H 0 comments 1 vote
Option to create Automation profiles for pcs or servers or both.. None George Boustani 4 comments 0 votes
Export reprots to csv None Tom Michaelis 0 comments 0 votes
Preventing certain alerts from repeating None Gustav 1 comment 2 votes
History Log export None Jaymes Salestrom 0 comments 1 vote