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NOC status pages. For our internal systems and for customers. None Dave Webster 1 comment 5 votes
Disable auto-timer start on resolved or closed tickets. None Justin Scott 0 comments 2 votes
Add multiple sites for a customer None Lewis Noe 2 comments 16 votes
Not all 'HardDisk Free Space' is the same None Craig Knibbs 4 comments 8 votes
Configurable leniency in ticket time rounding None Justin Scott 0 comments 1 vote
Reporting based on current folder None Moises Mejlachowicz 0 comments 0 votes
CPU Bit depth None Grant 2 comments 1 vote
Adding custom explanation field for all reports None Roy Morken 1 comment 3 votes
Take Button on unassigned ticket to assign ticket to yourself None Nick van der Walt 2 comments 3 votes
Fix Online backup reporting. (Sends daily, despite setting otherwise.) None Russell Albright II 1 comment 4 votes
Ticket Filtering : Global? None Craig Knibbs 0 comments 3 votes
Customer's ServiceDesk portal : Knowledgebase None Craig Knibbs 0 comments 5 votes
Snoozing Alerts None Steve Potter 1 comment 3 votes
Software Baseline None Ben Snowden 0 comments 2 votes
TR069 Support None Justin Scott 0 comments 0 votes
Accounting/Reporting Subscription option None John Townsend 0 comments 3 votes
Alert threshold + time value None Travis Green 12 comments 23 votes
Custom fields as snippets for email templates None Lee Darke 1 comment 1 vote
Automation Rule Exceptions None Stephen Whelan 0 comments 0 votes
The default behaviour on tickets SHOULD ALWAYS BE TO TRY AND POPULATE THAT AGENT BOX!!!! None Dave Webster 0 comments 1 vote
Proper SNMP Support None Mike Pruett 1 comment 7 votes
option for not receiving alert mails packed into one None Martin Nigg 0 comments 3 votes
offer alert history log in the gui None Martin Nigg 0 comments 3 votes
smaller time pattern at metric history of generic devices None Martin Nigg 0 comments 2 votes
Re-Send portal invitation button None Matt Coughlin 0 comments 3 votes
The ability for the Main Contact to view closed tickets in the Customer Portal None Jason Danvers 2 comments 7 votes
Ticket reply address picker None Paul Cunningham 0 comments 7 votes
Event ID Monitoring Feature Request None Mat 2 comments 5 votes
Maintenance Windows/Downtime None Mat 0 comments 2 votes
send clipboard keystrokes (RMM client) None mike 0 comments 1 vote