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customer's approval for remote connection Completed Liron Hanania 1 comment 21 votes
Add a calendar so you can add quick info for client with time, start and finish also book clients ahead of time. Planned Liron Hanania 3 comments 23 votes
Test email in SMTP Settings Completed Liron Hanania 1 comment 26 votes
Network Scan should discover all devices Planned Liron Hanania 1 comment 28 votes
Atera msi installer for group policy Completed Liron Hanania 4 comments 30 votes
Please consider adding Windows System 'UpTime' (from Task Manager) Planned Liron Hanania 1 comment 56 votes
SNMP: MIB import instead of manual OID typing Planned Liron Hanania 3 comments 60 votes
Proper SNMP Support Planned Mike Pruett 2 comments 9 votes
Dell OpenManage MIB compatibility Planned Jim Moses 3 comments 7 votes
snmp walk Planned John Hyde 2 comments 1 vote
Please Add: callto: or tel: href's on contacts phone numbers Completed Dave Webster 5 comments 2 votes
Ability to run ccleaner and defrag Planned Liron Hanania 6 comments 40 votes
Offer MalwareBytes Answered Liron Hanania 6 comments 124 votes
Malwarebytes Integration Answered Liron Hanania 4 comments 63 votes
Detailed hardware report Planned Brendan Richman 3 comments 13 votes
Alerts For Upcoming Contract Billing Planned Sam 2 comments 2 votes
Cross Platform Deployment Planned Richard Witton 1 comment 0 votes
Tickets Attachment button not accessible to screen readers None Aziz 1 comment 0 votes
Link Contract Rate & Product SKUs to Xero Item Codes Planned Sam 1 comment 1 vote
Delete Internal Note Planned Liron Hanania 2 comments 20 votes
Alert Email Template s None Paul Simcox 1 comment 4 votes
24 hour notation in reports Planned Bas Jonkers 1 comment 3 votes
Agent Hardware included Search Planned Adrian Wilson 4 comments 5 votes
Datto Integration Not planned Justin Barklage 3 comments 5 votes
Monthly Report Planned Liron Hanania 8 comments 49 votes
easy to access patch management status among other status and warnings by client ... example attached Planned Liron Hanania 4 comments 17 votes
Calendar Scheduling function for Onsite Support Planned Liron Hanania 13 comments 66 votes
Master Software Inventory Planned Liron Hanania 6 comments 53 votes
Unlock AD Accounts Answered Liron Hanania 2 comments 55 votes
More information on hardware asset management Planned Liron Hanania 4 comments 59 votes