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Community Guidelines None Sharon Peer 0 comments 1 vote
Requirement for .NET 3.5 None Liron Hanania 8 comments 81 votes
Dashboard login that does not affect your subscription None Chris Douglas 6 comments 5 votes
RepairShopr None Kyle Caminita 6 comments 2 votes
Add a time / duration option to threshold settings None Liron Hanania 6 comments 19 votes
Open to hack / RMM Security None Terry Saliba 5 comments -4 votes
Atera providing our customers with the price we pay for the service and add-ons. None Eric Fletcher 5 comments 15 votes
Warranty Status Completed Liron Hanania 5 comments 119 votes
Some enhancements I think would help None Leo Kearns 4 comments 2 votes
"Report!? You can't handle the report!" None scott harris 4 comments 7 votes
Improve Contact permissions, add granularity None Vlad Craciun 4 comments 1 vote
Web Filtering None Liron Hanania 4 comments 17 votes
Respond by email to ticket for technicians Completed Liron Hanania 4 comments 22 votes
Recurring Tickets None Liron Hanania 4 comments 14 votes
Monthly Report None Liron Hanania 4 comments 42 votes
MAC/Linux Agent Completed Liron Hanania 4 comments 70 votes
Calendar with schedualing None James Horvath 3 comments 8 votes
ability to mark all Alerts as resolved and or Delete None lawrence McKay 3 comments 1 vote
File Transfer None Greg Collins 3 comments 13 votes
Customer specific agent installer Planned Joe LaGreca 3 comments 3 votes
Single Login to ATERA sites None Liron Hanania 3 comments 18 votes
Much heavier Webroot integration None Liron Hanania 3 comments 37 votes
Schedule and Brand Reports None Liron Hanania 3 comments 17 votes
Webroot Integrated in Atera Completed Liron Hanania 3 comments 61 votes
Default Signatures None Liron Hanania 3 comments 17 votes
Give permissions to Customers which articles to access in the Support Portal None Aldrin Ginete 2 comments 2 votes
cath-all logging None Martin Nigg 2 comments 5 votes
Ticket Auto Close after x amount of time None Benny Goinar 2 comments 9 votes
Require telephone number for ticket submission None Corey Sheppard 2 comments 0 votes
Optional two factor authentication None Adam Lavery 2 comments 3 votes