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PowerShell Scripts Repository None Sharon Peer 7 comments 5 votes
Scripts Specialist None Sharon Peer 0 comments 1 vote
Community Guidelines None Sharon Peer 0 comments 0 votes
Fix Blank System Tray Icons None Paul McKendry 0 comments 1 vote
Forum dead ? None Ser Informática 7 comments 0 votes
Synology SNMP None Guillaume Duval 0 comments 2 votes
ZYXEL SNMP None Guillaume Duval 1 comment 3 votes
Script to Import PFX Certificate into Users Personal Store from Vendor None Stephen Jordaan 0 comments 0 votes
FTP Script None Mike Archambault 0 comments 0 votes
Get TeamViewer Release and ID None Martin Nigg 0 comments 0 votes
Safe Mode Networking None brandon s 1 comment 3 votes
Housekeepping scripts None Mark 2 comments 1 vote
Disable MS UpdateOrchestrator Reboot Task & Log an Alert Script None AJ 0 comments 0 votes
Good Scripts None Alex 2 comments 1 vote
Fix Splashtop Display Name None Corey Benedict 5 comments 4 votes
Script to reset local user passwords - Need help with troubleshooting None Brad Griffiths 0 comments 0 votes
Protect Atera from Uninstall None Mark 6 comments 4 votes
PoweShell Script calling another PowerShell Script None Paul Simcox 1 comment 0 votes
Script to Disable Windows Defender None Keith 1 comment 0 votes
QNAP SNMP None giuseppe piscitello 1 comment 0 votes
snmp fujitsu server None giuseppe piscitello 3 comments 1 vote
Windows Log On Script? None Nick George 1 comment 1 vote
Windows update Health Reporting None Paul Simcox 0 comments 2 votes
Scheduled reboot script None Luke Watts 7 comments 0 votes
GPO Installation Scripts None Jim Lewington 3 comments 4 votes
Atera Installer - In .vbs format for use in most logon scripts None Justin Strate 2 comments 4 votes
Application Deployment Script None Erik J. Eckert 3 comments 0 votes
DIsable Windows Update via Script for Windows 10 None Erik J. Eckert 3 comments 4 votes
Use Alerts to Monitor Custom Apps or Software Versions None Jimmy Martinez 0 comments 5 votes
Intergrade into Atera using API calls via PowerShell None Jimmy Martinez 4 comments 1 vote