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Patch Search & Deploy Report

The Patch Search & Deploy Report allows you to generate reports based on patch KBs and install missing patches with one click.

KB is the prefix for all Microsoft patches e.g. KB3115858 is the patch code for Security Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems.

The report gives you the flexibility to search for patches for a specific customer, KB, KB description, and agent type.

Once the report is generated you can filter the data by patch status, and patch type.

Pending patches can be installed directly from the report.


To run the report, follow the steps below:


1. From the left-hand panel click Reports
2. Then click Monitoring > Patch Search & Deploy
The Patch Search & Deploy Report page displays.

3. Select the report criteria:

  • Select Customer: Choose a Customer from the drop-down list or select All.
  • Filter By: Select whether to filter the report by KB, or by Description. What you select here will update the field below.
  • KB / Description:
    • KB: Enter the KB code or a partial code e.g. entering 12  will return all patches that have '12' in the code string
    • Description: Enter a full or partial description of the KB e.g. Windows 8.1
  • Agent Types: Select from All, Desktop, Server, or Mac.


4. Check the Exclude retired devices box, to exclude devices no longer in use, from your report.


Note: To define a 'retired device', go to Admin > Settings > Devices. Learn more about defining a retired device.





5. Click Generate

The report generates and displays. This may take a few seconds depending on the amount of data.



Summary Section


The summary section shows at a glance data on:

  • Total Updates: The total number of patches in the selected reporting period, both Installed, and Not Installed.
  • Installed: The total number of patches in the selected reporting period that have been successfully installed.
  • Not Installed: The total number of machines in the searched network/s that does not have the patch you searched for.

You can click on a Summary header to filter the Updates data in the section below.

Click Installed or Not Installed to refresh the report. In this example we will click Installed.


The report updates.
The Updates section refreshes to show only Installed patches.


Filter by Patch


By default all patches are shown. You can click the Select Patch drop-down to choose a specific patch.


Install Patches Directly from KB Search Report


You can install pending patches directly from the Updates section of the report.

To do this select the Agent Names(s) with Not Installed patches using the checkboxes, or use Select All. Then click Install.

A confirmation message displays.
The patches will be installed immediately if the Agent is currently online. If the Agent is offline, installation will commence when the Agent status changes to 'Online'.
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