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Get to know Atera Embark on your journey with Atera and learn how to navigate the cosmos of IT management with ease
RMM Pilot your fleet with AI and automate, set alerts, remotely access, and command devices galaxy-wide
Ticketing and service management Master the cosmos with AI-powered ticketing, contracts, and client and portal management
App Center and integrations Dock with key third-party tools (backup, antivirus, password management, etc.) to fuel your journey
Reporting Chart your voyage with in-depth analytics and advanced reports for smart, informed decisions
Billing Automate your galactic trade by streamlining invoicing and treasure tracking with Atera’s tools
Mobile app Take your command center mobile and manage your IT galaxy anywhere with Atera’s pocket console
Special notices Be the first to decode urgent space signals from Atera with galactic bulletins at your fingertips

Release Notes

Navigate the latest stellar features, orbit around enhancements, and touch down on exciting additions that will propel your Atera experience to new frontiers.

Launch Release Notes: 2024

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