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Add Custom Fields

You can create custom fields throughout your Atera platform. They can appear in Ticket, Customer, Contact, Contract, SLA, Agent, SNMP, TCP, HTTP, and Generic forms/pagesOnce you add a custom field, it will always appear (unless edited or deleted). For example, if you add a 'ticket' custom field, it will appear on all ticket forms. 


To add a custom field:


1.  Navigate to Admin > Custom Fields.


The Custom Fields page appears.



2.  Click the tab for which you wish to add a new field. In this example, Ticket tab is selected.

3.  Click the Add Field button.

The Add Field screen appears.

4.  Select the name of the target from the Target drop down list (by default, this is already selected based on the tab you selected).

5.  Select the type of field from the Type dropdown menu.

6.  Enter the title of the field in the Title text entry box. In this example, we've called it 'Product Family'.

7.  In the Options section, you can mark this field as 'Required' or 'Not Required' on forms. And you can also mark it 'Private' or 'Not Private'. 'Private' means it will not be viewable in the Customer Portal.

8.  Click Add.

The new custom field is added. You can now view it on the form/page.




Note:  You can also change the order of the custom field by dragging and dropping the field to the required location, on the Custom Fields page.


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