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Restore-Only Mode Installation of the Online Backup

The restore-only mode is a way to disable data backup options on a computer where a backup device is installed. This is done to prevent unwanted backups in cases like these:

  •  When your computer has failed and it is necessary to recover data from it to a new location.
  • When you want to have an up-to-date copy of all necessary data instantly available on another computer.

During the restore-only mode, the Backup tab is absent from the Online Backup Client. The options on the Restore tab are updated automatically after each new backup session on the source computer.


While you are in the restore-only mode, you can restore data in either of the following ways:

  •  On request (one-time restores)
  • By enabling automatic synchronization with the source computer (the continuous restore mode) Preconditions


The feature is available on all of the supported operating systems. It requires 2 computers:


  1. A source computer (the one that the data has been backed up on).
  2. A target computer (where you want to recover the data).

Enabling the restore-only mode


Install the Online Backup client to the target computer using the same device name, password and security code that are used on the source computer. You will get a message offering to enable the restore-only mode. Click Restore-only to complete the installation.

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