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Satisfied Customers Report

This report displays a list of satisfied customers based on ticket surveys.  


To run the Satisfied Customers report:


1. From the left-hand panel click Reports > Satisfied Customers
The Report page displays.
2. Select the time period
3. Select the items count (number of items to display per page)
4. Click Generate
The Satisfied Customers report is generated.


Overall Customer Rating


Overall Customer Rating is displayed at the top. This shows the average scores for the tickets within the selected period for the following key metrics:

  • Rated Tickets The number of tickets rated in the selected period.
  • Average Ratings The average of all rated customer tickets based on the average of the three metrics explained below.
  • Average Overall Quality Ratings The average satisfaction with overall quality of support.
  • Average Technical Knowledge Ratings The average satisfaction with the Technician's technical knowledge.
  • Average Helpfulness Rating - The average satisfaction with the Technician's general level of customer service.


Ticket Specific Information


The ticket specific information is displayed in table format:

  • Ticket ID
  • Ticket Title
  • Creation Date
  • Technician Name
  • Contact Name
  • Average Ratings The overall average of the rating based on the answered survey questions.


Drilling Down to a Ticket


1. Click the Ticket ID
The ticket displays in a new window.
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