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Alert Time Intervals

The Atera agent, the backbone of the Atera monitoring system, monitors the availability, performance and health of the workstation\server, at regular intervals and securely communicates back to the cloud. The reporting intervals are based on extensive big data analysis, ensuring optimal notification timing. This article outlines the time intervals used by Atera when monitoring different types of system events that trigger Alerts. The table below displays the most common Atera alert types, and the time intervals within which you can expect to receive those alerts.   


Alert Type

Minimum Time for Alert Maximum Time for Alert

Agent Comes Online




Agent Goes Offline




Threshold with Persistence Check *

As configured in the threshold item (adjustable time period)

As configured in the threshold item (adjustable time period), plus up to 2 minutes


Threshold without Persistence Check **




Agent Information In Agent Console

  • Last Seen


 40 minutes

Device Availability




Resolution Time for Alerts




* Threshold for the following:


CPU Load


Memory Usage


CPU Temperature


Motherboard Fans


Motherboard Temperature


Hardisk Temperature


** All other thresholds




Manually Updating the Time Interval


The reg key below provides an option to set the monitoring interval for Agent Online / Offline monitoring (the first 2 items in the table above).

To update monitoring interval:


1. Navigate to the following Registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ATERA Networks\AlphaAgent 

2. Add DWORD key HeartBeatInterval

3. Set the value to 90

30 (Seconds) is the minimum time value. 

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