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Alert Time Intervals


This KB outlines the time intervals used by Atera when monitoring for different types of system events that trigger Alerts.

Alerts play a major role in the system and can provide an indication of the overall health of your customers.

In the table below you can learn more about the most common alert types in Atera, and the time intervals you can expect to receive those alerts within: 


Resolution Time for Alerts 4 Mins
Alert Type Time Interval
Agent Comes Online 1.5 Minutes
Agent Goes Offline 4 Minutes

Alert on Threshold Item

e.g. Memory, Disk Usage, Temperature Event ID

4 Minutes

Note: Excludes CPU alert - this has a 10 minutes interval

Agent Information

e.g Command Prompt, Task Manager, Services


Agent Analytics (In the Agent Report Section)

e.g. Agent Health

12 Hour Audit Cycle
Device Availability 4 Mins





Manually Updating the Time Interval


The reg key below provides an option to set the monitoring interval for Agent Online / Offline monitoring (the first 2 items in the table above).

To update monitoring interval:


1. Navigate to the following Registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ATERA Networksvv\AlphaAgent 

2. Add DWORD key HeartBeatInterval

3. Set the value to 90

30 (Seconds) is the minimum time value.

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