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MS Sharepoint Backup

With the Online Backup Client, you can set up backup and recovery service for content management systems powered by Microsoft SharePoint.

The feature is available on the server versions of Windows. The whole SharePoint Server is included in the backup selection. You can view the sites inside.


Supported versions

The following MS SharePoint versions are supported: 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Host system

  1. The Online Backup Client must be installed on the same SharePoint server that you want to back up.
  2. SQL databases for SharePoint must be located on the same SharePoint server that you want to back up.

Free space

There must be a sufficient amount of free space in the VSS Shadow Copy storage area.

This is because MS SharePoint backups depend on VSS snapshots. When a backup session is completed, snapshots are automatically deleted.

VSS writers

MS SharePoint backups depend on 3 VSS writers:

  1. SqlServerWriter
  2. SharePoint Services Writer (in MS SharePoint 2013, it is disabled by default and needs to be registered)
  3. OSearch VSS Writer

You can check the availability of these writers through a system console, for example, Command Prompt:

vssadmin list writers

All of the writers must be listed in the response. This is crucial for successful backups.

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