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Filter Devices and Create Views

In the right hand side of the Devices screen are a range of filters and views that you can configure.

The Filter options are explained below:

Field Name Description


Choose to sort customers /alerts:severity in ascending/descending alphabetical order.


Choose to display monitored devices (by default server agents are monitored for availability), favorite devices (favorite by clicking yellow star on top left of device) or both.


Choose to display devices that are offline, online or both.

Device Type

Choose any or all of Agent PC, Agent Server, Mac Agent, HTTP, SNMP, TCP, Generic


Choose any or all of your Customers

Alert Type

Choose any or all of Hardware, disk, availability, performance, exchange or general.

Alert Severity

Advanced Filters

Custom Fields

Choose any or all of Critical, Information or Warning

For more information on using Advanced Filters, click here.

For more information on using Custom Fields, click here.




After selecting the required filter options, click Go. In order to clear the filter options, click Clear.


Once you have set up filter options and clicked Go, you can choose to save the filter search as a View. 

  1. In the Views section at the top, click Save as.
  2. In the Save Views dialog box, add a name for this view. This name will be saved in the drop-down list and can be clicked on at any time to display the Filtered option results. Note that this is a dynamic list and that therefore the results will be different at various times.


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