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Install DataShield on Linux

   Steps on Linux Server Side

Download the Online Backup Client

  1. Log in to the system as a root.
       % su
  1. Download an installer from the following link:









3. The .run format is recommended. It requires minimum settings and suits all Linux distributions.

For Example:

# wget http://download.ateranetworks.com/OnlineBackup/AteraOnlineBackup_Linux-i686.run

If unsure which installer version you need (i386 or amd64), check the bitness of your system first.

# uname -a

x86_64 in output means that you have a 64-bit system. It requires the amd64 installer. i386 stands for a 32-bit system.

Install the Datashield service

  1. Grant the installer execute permissions.
# chmod +x atera-linux-i686.run
  1. Change the predefined installation folder (optional). By default, the Online Backup Client is installed to /opt/Atera. If you wish to install the software to the /usr mount (for example because it has more free space), you should create symlinks for it. For example:
# mkdir /usr/local/Atera
# ln -s /usr/local/Atera /opt/Atera
  1. Start the installer and submit your installation parameters (see the tables below for supported values). Do not forget to enclose values containing spaces or punctuation into quotation marks. If you submit the command without the installation parameters, you'll be prompted to enter them one at a time.
# ./AteraOnlineBackup_Linux-i686.run -- --user="xxxxxxx" --password="yyyyyy" --encryption-method="AES-128" --encryption-key="zzzzzzz" --use-proxy=false
You can find the user name and Password in the Online Backup Dashboard client.
Enter a preferdable secuirty code. The security code enables the client to access, store, and restore files through the Online Backup client.

The -- attribute after the command name means that the parameters after it are specific to the Online Backup Client. If your query contains a combination of parameters, use -- to separate the internal parameters of the RUN package from external ones belonging to the Online Backup Client. Here is an example:
[EXAMPLE]# ./AteraOnlineBackup_Linux-i686.run --target /other/tmp -- --user="gcfhdycrgc"

Required parameters

Parameter Definition
--user The name of your Online Backup Client device http://support.atera.com/hc/en-us/articles/207288387
--password Your password for the Online Backup Client device http://support.atera.com/hc/en-us/articles/207288387
--encryption-method Your preferred data encryption method. AES-256 is the default value.
--encryption-key Your private encryption key that will be used to access your data
--use-proxy Defines your proxy usage preference. Enable the feature if your default Internet connection is set up through a proxy server or if you would like to use a proxy in the Online Backup Client. Supported values: true or false.

Optional parameters

Parameter Definition
--proxy-type The type of the proxy server: 0 (HTTP), 1 (SOCKS4), or 2 (SOCKS5)
--proxy-address The host name or IP address of the proxy server
--proxy-port The port you access the proxy server through
--use-proxy-authorization Defines if the proxy server requires authorization by username: true or false.
--proxy-username Your username for proxy access
--proxy-password Your password for proxy access
-h, --help Gives access to help resources. This is an internal parameter of the RUN package (doesn't require -- after the command name). Sample usage: ./atera-linux-i686.run -h or ./atera-linux-i686.run --help.


What to do if you get a permission error

The installer is extracted to your temp partition. If the partition is mounted with the noexec option, you can get a permission error. To eliminate the error, you should extract the installer to some other directory that has execute permissions.

# ./atera-linux-i686.run --target /other/tmp

Use the Datashield client after the installation

When the installation is completed, a configuration file with all necessary settings is created (/opt/Atera/etc/config.ini). The Online Backup Client is ready to use now. You can access it through a web browser just like you would do it on a Mac or a Windows computer 

Example : ,


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