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Create and set a schedule for Online Backup

  1. In the DataShield client, navigate to Preferences > Schedule.
  2. Click Add schedule. The Add Schedule screen displays.

  3. Make sure to specify time and days convenient for you and to select the necessary plugins: 

  4. In addition, you can choose and set necessary pre-/post- backup actions separately for each plugin. To set  the required backup action you should enable pre-/post- backup functionality with a check-mark and choose a necessary script in the expanded field:

    NOTE: To create a pre-post script backup navigate to > Preferences >Scripts on the left hand side and create a script 

All added information is saved and is displayed in the main table on the "Schedule" tab (in the "Preferences window). 

NOTE: Pay attention to the fact that a backup in the schedule stays inactive and will not start at the specified time until it is selected with a check-mark in the main table of the schedule:

You can also start backing up without waiting for the specified time. You can just select the necessary schedule and click "Start Backup"

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