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Configure the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is your customer's unique and personalized support site where they can:


  • Open tickets
  • Track tickets
  • Access your knowledge base
  • View all company tickets (for main contacts only)


Atera automatically generates a Customer Portal URL for your company. The format is: companyname.servicedesk.atera.com.

This is the Customer Portal URL that you provide to your customers. Your specific URL can be found by going to Admin (in the side panel) > Portal Settings. The screen below appears.

Note: You can define your own sub-domain and redirect it to the Atera generated URL by creating an A/C Name record in your DNS and directing it to 'servicedesk.atera.com, as well as adding your new URL to the Portal Domain Name field (below).




In order for your customer to access the Customer Portal they must receive a username and password from you. A unique username/password can be found within any contact page (they are automatically generated upon contact creation).

Additionally, you can automatically generate an email welcoming new contacts and providing them with their user name and password. This provides them with everything they need to access the portal. 


Note: A contact will be added automatically to the system and assigned to their company based on the domain name the first time that contact opens a ticket (provided the company exists in the system).



To automatically generate a welcome to the Customer Portal email to all new contacts:

1. Go to Admin (in the side panel)   

2. Select Settings 

3. Check the box to enable the following option: "Send an email when a new contact is added to the system using a template" (and make sure that SendUsernameAndPassword is selected from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Save to save your settings.



Template content:

Hi {[Contact First Name]},

You're just registered to my portal,

Please login to my portal with the following credentials:

Link : {[Portal Address]}

User : {[Portal Username]}

Password : {[Portal Password]}


Best regards,

Support Team.

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