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Configure the Customer Support Portal

The Customer Support Portal allows your customers to:

  1. Open tickets
  2. Track tickets
  3. Access your knowledge base
  4. View all company tickets (for main contacts only)

Atera automatically generates a domain for your company: companyname.servicedesk.atera.com.

You may define your own sub-domain that will be redirected to the Atera generated URL above.

Your specific URL can be found in your account setting Admin > Customer portal.



In order for your customer to access his/her Portal they must receive a username and password from you.


Automatically generate an email welcoming new Contacts and creating a user name and password for them. This enables immediate access to the customer portal (without manual technician intervention). 

Note: A Contact will be added automatically to the system and allocated to his/her company based on the domain name the first time the Contact opens a ticket (provided the company exists in the system).

Just enable the following option: "Send an email when a new contact is added to the system using a template".


Template content:

Hi {[Contact First Name]},

You're just registered to my portal,

Please login to my portal with the following credentials:

Link : {[Portal Address]}

User : {[Portal Username]}

Password : {[Portal Password]}


Best regards,

Support Team.

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