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Set up a Customer-Facing Knowledge Base

You can create a knowledge base library for your customers, providing them with instructions and informational articles that can enhance their understanding of IT basics, and perhaps enable them to handle some routine tasks themselves.  

Once the knowledge base library is in place, your customers can log in from their Customer Portal and access the content. Please note that published articles are viewable by all customers. There is also the option of setting up customized knowledge base libraries per customer. To set up a customized knowledge base, click here.   Additionally, there is the option to set articles to 'private' if you'd only like them to be visible to your technicians.  


To set up the knowledge base library:

1. From the left hand panel click Admin.
2. Then click Knowledge Base.
The Knowledge Base Admin page appears.
Categories: Category is the top level of the hierarchy e.g. FAQ.
Sections: Section is the next level down in the hierarchy structure e.g. Printer FAQs.
Articles: Article is the lowest level category and contains the content of your article e.g. Setting up a printer in Windows 10.
3. To add a Category enter the Category Title and Category Description.
4. Then click Create.
5. To create new sections click the Sections panel.
The Sections page displays.

5. Enter the Section details 

  • Category
  • Section Title: You can enter the name or select from products with the drop-down menu
  • Category Description 
  • Set this Section only for private use: Click this checkbox to allow Technicians only to view this Section. 
6. Click Create.
7. To create new articles click on the Articles panel.
The Articles page appears.

8. Enter the Article details:

  • Display in Section
  • Article Title
  • Article Content

9. Click Create.

Note: You can optionally:

  • Set Priority
  • Set Status
  • Add Keywords
  • Add Attachments

An Article Successfully Created message appears.

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