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Delete an Atera Agent

Note: Deleting the Atera Agent while the end point is offline will delete it only from the Atera dashboard and not from the end point. 

Method 1: Delete Agent via Device tab
1. From the left hand panel click Devices
The Devices page displays
2. Select the checkbox next to the device you want to delete
3. Click the Delete icon
Method 2: Delete Agent via Agent tab
1. From the left hand panel click Devices
2. Then click on the Agent you want to delete
The Agent page displays
3. Click the Edit dropdown menu
4. Click Delete
Note: You cannot delete an Agent that is monitoring other devices - follow the steps below to review and reassign monitored devices as required.
Review and Reassign Agent monitored devices
1. From the Agent page click the Edit dropdown
2. Then click Monitored Devices
The Agent Monitored Devices page displays
3. To reassign the monitored device to a different monitoring agent click the Device Name
The Agent page displays
4. Click the Edit dropdown menu
5. Then click Change Monitoring Agent
6. Select the new Monitoring Agent
7. Click Apply
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