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Release Notes March 2019

The following new features and improvements have been added to this release:


TeamViewer remote access:  TeamViewer Business/Premium (in addition to Corporate) remote access for Windows OS is now integrated with Atera. One-click, remote access from Atera’s platform enables instant, remote support for customers, access to files and applications, and the ability to troubleshoot problems anywhere, anytime. Connect to an unlimited number of customers, with up to three remote sessions available at any one time. You can also set TeamViewer as your default remote access. Learn more. 




ScreenConnect remote access: When setting up ScreenConnect on Atera, you can now add your own hosted ScreenConnect installer URL. You can also set ScreenConnect as your default remote access. Learn more.




One-click chat: We’ve simplified the one-time, customer identity confirmation process for chat, by removing the ‘token confirmation system’. This change smooths the process, and makes chatting with your customers effortless. Most customers won't have any confirmation process at all (if the contact was assigned to an agent). Learn more.





Script variables: Syntax errors in script variables are now highlighted, so you can easily make corrections. Learn more.




Ticket hover: We've added a hover, for easy viewing of important ticket information such as report summary and latest comment. Learn more.




Ticket activity: You can now view additional actions in ‘Ticket Activity’, such as chat initiation and ticket merging. Learn more.




Patch KB links: You can now view links to Microsoft Windows patch KB descriptions, next to each patch, throughout the system.



Chat: We’ve redesigned the chat feature for improved usability.




We've fixed the following bugs:


(10339)   Fixed a bug causing an SLA to continue running even when ticket status was changed to pending.

(13812)   Fixed software inventory issues on Mac agents.

(13872)   Fixed a bug causing failure of automation rule 'send survey to contact' to function.

(14287)   Fixed a bug causing scheduled reports to re-use the same data from the day they were scheduled.

(14339)   Fixed a bug causing mixed up custom fields with dependencies.

(14521)   Fixed a bug causing inability to save an existing threshold profile as a new profile.

(14651)   Fixed a bug preventing a new threshold profile from functionally replacing an old one.

(14675)   Fixed a bug causing failure of 'working hours' to adjust to a time zone change.

(14761)   Fixed a bug causing failure of Splashtop remote access to work on Chrome browser.

(14888)   Fixed a bug causing an SLA to run when a ticket was opened on non-business hours.

(14929)   Fixed a bug preventing agents being upgraded to the latest version.

(14995)   Fixed a bug causing empty customer satisfaction reports.



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