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Release Notes End-of-March 2019

The following new features and improvements have been added to this release:


Patch Upgrades: There’s now an ‘Upgrades’ category in Patch Management, which specifies an upgrade to Windows 10 features and functionality. This new category is also seen in various patch management reports, such as Auditor, Patch Search and Deploy, Patch Status Summary, Patch Automation Feedback, and Customer Periodic.





 Event Alerts: We've added event IDs to event alerts.





Microsoft Office and Server 2019: Microsoft Office 2019 and Windows Server 2019 (the latest versions) are now viewable on the device page, as well as in the following reports: Auditor, Microsoft Licensing, Patch Search and Deploy, Patch Status Summary, Software Inventory, Customer Periodic






Customer Portal: You can now choose what kinds of tickets your customers can view on the Customer Portal. Learn more





We've fixed the following bugs:


6152 Fixed a bug causing incomplete reporting by the Software Inventory report.


9254 Fixed a bug causing a ticket to be logged for a technician, instead of for the customer, when forwarded from the technician’s personal email.


13797 Fixed a bug causing recognition failure of ‘else’ command on PowerShell.


14572 Fixed a bug causing failure of customer to receive attachments in an email sent by the technician.


14584 Fixed a bug causing failure to run an MSI script on a remote agent.


14827 Fixed a bug causing failure of threshold profile assigned to a customer, to apply to an individual agent.


14920 Fixed a bug causing the ‘Enter’ key to close a ’new ticket’ page, instead of saving it.


14964 Fixed the automatic refresh on ticket pages, so SLA always displays accurately.


15047 Fixed a visual bug, causing text overlap on the Customer Portal login page.


15072 Fixed a bug causing failure to update SLA working hours when the SLA is created before the calendar.


15094 Fixed a bug causing Auditor Report to become inaccurate when exported to PDF.


15095 Fixed a bug causing custom fields with dependencies (on SNMP, TCP, HTP, and generic devices) failure to function as expected.


 15111 Fixed a bug preventing custom fields updates in tickets from being logged in ‘Ticket Activity’.


15113 Fixed a bug causing failure of a custom field update to appear in 'Ticket Activity' log.


15126 Fixed a bug causing page freeze when adding a new SNMP device with an incorrect IP address.


15130 Fixed a bug causing patch management page to close unexpectedly.


15313 Fixed a bug causing timeouts when attempting to delete an agent.


15315 Fixed a bug causing failure of some agents to appear in Auditor report.


15324 Fixed a visual bug on the login page.


15333 Fixed a bug causing error messages to erroneously appear on login page.


15334 Fixed a bug causing erroneous error message when saving changes to a calendar.


15336 Fixed a bug causing the 'Log in' button to remain clickable, even after clicked.


15338 Fixed a bug causing an erroneous error message to appear when creating a new password.


15339 Fixed a bug causing a minor issue with the ‘password reset’ functionality.


15340 Fixed a visual bug on the login page.


15341 Fixed a bug where the ‘Enter’ key was cancelling, instead of saving an action (on ticket and login pages).


15350 Fixed a bug causing perpetual loading on the patch management page.


15410 Fixed a bug causing tickets with ‘Pending’ status to erroneously appear in the Customer Portal.


15420 Fixed a bug causing an error message to appear when changing ticket status from ‘Pending’ to ‘Close’.


15424 Fixed a bug causing inability to edit a previously created/uploaded script.


15427 Fixed a bug causing missing ‘timeout’ error when running a script.


15438 Fixed a device filtering bug relating to custom fields.


15463 Fixed a bug causing failure of an SLA to update with changes to a second, associated calendar.


15492 Fixed an incorrect link in the welcome email to new technicians.


15493 Fixed a bug displaying an error when attempting to create a new login password twice in the same day.


15499 Fixed a bug causing missing patch management ‘upgrade’ option from the device Manage menu.


15505 Fixed a bug causing instances of the Auditor report failing to export to Excel.


15512 Fixed a bug causing inability to delete an agent through the API.


15514 Fixed a visual bug in Patch Management.


15531 Fixed a bug causing failure of PowerShell scripts to run on systems with PowerShell 1.0 and 2.0.


15537 Fixed a bug causing failure of ticket opening to trigger the associated automation rule.


15542 Fixed a bug causing a blank screen to appear if password contains '<>' characters.



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