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Release Notes April 2019

The following new features and improvements have been added to this release:


Filter by Windows/Office keys: You can now do an advanced search for devices by Windows and Office serial keys. Learn more.




Filter by device name: You can now do an advanced search for devices based on either full or partial device name. Learn more.





We've fixed the following bugs:



(6152) and (14919) Fixed a 'query' bug preventing the devices Advanced Filter, Program Manager, and Software Inventory report from displaying complete information.

(6745) Fixed a bug in the Block Contract Usage report causing failure to load closed tickets.             


(11132) Fixed a bug causing an error message when using special characters (e.g. !@#) in a search field.

(14503) Fixed a bug causing failure of filter by custom field (with checkbox) to display specified devices.  

(14888) Fixed a bug causing the ticket timer to run per the SLA, even when opening a ticket on non-working hours.

(15078) Fixed a bug causing failure of IT automation to deploy the latest Java version.

(15092) Fixed a discrepancy causing incorrect event IDs to display.

(15538) Fixed a bug causing instances of endless loading in the Patch Status Summary report.

(15554) Fixed a bug causing Dashboard page failure to update correctly, with Pending tickets.

(15564) Fixed a bug in the SLA report causing tickets to incorrectly appear as overdue.

(15574) Fixed a coding error causing gibberish words to appear in some of the reports.

(15603) Fixed a bug causing slowness, when adding a large image, in My Profile.  

(15674) Fixed a bug causing display issues on mobile devices.

(15700) Fixed a bug in the Block Contract Usage report causing the information to display from a billing period other than the one specified.

(15746) Fixed a bug causing endless loading, when adding an image with an unsupported file format, in My Profile.   

(15774) Fixed an HTML issue causing the Tickets page to have a strange appearance when viewing the ticket hover.

(15776) Fixed a bug causing continuous running of the script after a specified timeout, when running as a ‘current user’.

(15778) Fixed a bug causing slow generation of the Agent Health report, with multiple agents. 


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