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Release Notes End-Of-August 2019

 The following new features and improvements have been added to this release:



Faster Scripts: We’ve reduced script run times down to 4-5 seconds.





Additional Login Security: We've added a 'Restrict IP Permissions' access list as a standalone option to be used alongside your chosen login setting (Basic, Token, or 2FA). Additionally, we've enacted security measures on the default 'basic' (username and password only) login setting, by disabling certain features (uninstalling Webroot antivirus and adding/editing scripts) that can leave an account vulnerable. Learn more

Note: This feature was deferred from the last release, by decision of our developers. 





Password Protection: For your security, we've added a stronger password policy, to meet the highest industry security standards. This includes a minimum password complexity requirement, as well as a mechanism for triggering periodic password reset. 





Network Discovery (Beta): We've added more info to the scan results, like Virtual System, Installed Agent, System Memory, IP address, and more. Learn more

To take part in beta testing, email beta@atera.com 






We've fixed the following bugs:


(10084) Fixed a bug causing filled-in, agent ‘custom fields’ to appear empty.


(14413) Corrected an issue to ensure the dependencies of mandatory custom fields are mandatory to fill out too.


(14414) Corrected an issue where instructive popup messages failed to appear, while updating ‘Custom Fields’.

(15864) Fixed a bug causing inability to connect to Splashtop, using Firefox browser.

(15884) Fixed a bug causing instances of run failure for an MSI script (with no arguments).

(16044) Fixed a bug causing failure of a reinstalled agent to update (and appear) on the Devices page.

(16057) Fixed a bug causing slow invoice generation from large billing batches, and an associated error, even though successful.

(16229) Fixed a bug causing failure of an IT automation profile, to fully disable, as evidenced by continued receipt of automated emails.

(16477) Fixed a bug causing instances of alerts appearing without cause.


(16497) Fixed a bug causing failure of scripts to run as ‘current user’.

(17220) Fixed a bug causing failure of the Patch & Automation Feedback report to display failed Windows updates.

(17341) Fixed a bug causing a daily scheduled report to continually display the first day’s report for the whole week.

(17422) Fixed a bug giving ‘Pro’ plan subscribers the ability to download a Mac agent (Mac agent installation is only supported in the ‘Growth’ plan).

(17424) Fixed a bug causing an attached file to be missing from a ticket that was created by an email (with an attached file).

(17438) Fixed a bug causing instances of slow loading on ticket creation.

(17503) Fixed instances of script run failure on .NET Framework 4.5 agents.


(17513) Fixed an issue where Splashtop streamer repeatedly deselects the current window as the main focus.


(17629) Fixed a bug causing new tickets to generate when communicating via email about an existing ticket.  


(17668) Fixed a malfunctioning 'agent log files' issue, by limiting storage.

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