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Release Notes October 2019

The following new features and improvements have been added to this release:


Mandatory 2FA: On par with new industry security standards, we've made login with two-factor authentication (2FA) a mandatory requirement. The security upgrade goes into effect on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. Learn more




Network Discovery (Beta): Network Discovery’s capabilities continue expanding. New additions include a storage device table, ‘Storage’ and ‘OS Aging’ graphs, and additional workstation/server details like OS installation date, open ports, and more. Learn more






We've fixed the following bugs:


(18007) Fixed a bug causing failure of an assigned technician's name and picture to appear in the ticket.

(18031) Fixed a bug causing dysfunction of the 'Update' button in the Customer Portal.

(18033) Fixed a bug causing contacts to receive messages from tickets, created from alerts.

(18034) Fixed a visual bug preventing the Custom Fields list from being displayed in its entirety.

(18047) Fixed a bug where stopping the ticket timer logs the technician out of the system.

(18053) Fixed a scripting issue where the run script as 'current user' functionality fails if the 'Users' group name is written in another language, or is renamed.

(18054) Fixed a bug causing instances of in-app command prompt initialization failure.

(18074) Fixed a bug causing failure to prompt the user, when a required field is left blank.

(18090) Fixed a bug causing failure of login history to appear in Admin > History Log.

(18113)  Fixed a bug causing instances of inability to edit scripts.

(18118)  Fixed a bug causing dysfunction of the login 'Remember me' functionality.

(18123)  Fixed a bug causing failure of the user list to populate on the '2FA Login' page.

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