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Release Notes End-Of-October 2019

The following new features and improvements have been added to this release:



Admin Categories: We've made the whole Admin section clearer with added tooltips, descriptions, and links to useful knowledge base articles.





Unassigned Devices: Unassigned devices now intuitively appear in an ‘Unassigned’ category, in the Customers section.





Network Discovery Add-On (Beta): We've added additional devices to the SNMP devices table, such as printer servers and UPS devices, as well as a ‘Full Description’ column to the table. Learn more






We've fixed the following bugs:


(17488)   Fixed a failure of the ‘Customer Responded’ tag to appear in a ticket, after the customer had responded.


(17656)   Fixed a bug erroneously sending a ‘change password’ message to a technician, after disabling their account.


(18060)  Fixed a bug preventing certain information (e.g. ticket numbers) from appearing on the Dashboard.


(18222)   Fixed an ‘Advanced Search’ bug where 'Device Titles' were not, by default, part of the search.


(18223)   Fixed a bug in scheduled Agent Health reports, where data is missing from CPU and Memory Usage graphs.


(18226)   Fixed a JavaScript bug where code was appearing on the platform, blocking functionality. 


(18235)   Fixed a bug preventing deletion of customers.


(18238)  Fixed a bug in Admin > Whitelabel preventing change to the HelpDesk agent icon.


(18252)   Fixed a bug causing random ‘you are not authorized to perform this action’ messages to appear.


(18253)   Fixed a bug preventing updates to settings in Admin > Settings > General


(18256)   Fixed an IT Automation bug, where certain results failed to appear in reports.


(18264)   Fixed a bug generating an inapplicable message, when adding an SNMP device OID for uptime.


(18279)   Fixed a bug causing failure of the 2FA QR code to appear for newly added technicians.


(18294)   Fixed a bug causing premature resolution of CPU and memory alerts.


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