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Software Inventory Report

The Software Inventory report enables you to search for specific software installed on specified customer devices. You can filter by customer, software name, software publisher, software version, and agent type.

The report enables you to search for one, or more, software types installed on one or more customer devices, in addition to providing the capability of uninstalling software from within the report. You can uninstall software from all, or some, of your devices.


Possible Use Cases

 Some examples for use cases are presented below:

  • To report on which software published by a specific vendor is installed on a specific customer's devices.
  • To report on which devices have a specific version of a specific software product installed.
  • Uninstalling a particular software on multiple devices.


To run the Software Inventory report:


1. From the left-hand panel click Reports > Software Inventory


The Report page displays.



2. Enter the report parameters:

  • Select Customer: Click the dropdown to activate Customer search box, or select All.
  • Filter By: You can filter by the software name (and version) or the software publisher, the field below changes depending on what you select here.

Note: The auto complete field returns ONLY software that has been installed on at least one endpoint. It is not a vendor catalog-based list. 


    • Name/Publisher: Begin typing a string used in the software name or publisher (e.g. 'Adobe'). This field uses auto-complete to make searching very fast and easy. 
  • Version: To search for a specific software version e.g Office365 Version 1701, in your PC in Office Settings, click File > Office Account and review the Version number as shown in the image below. Add this version number to the Version field.


  • Agent Type: Select from All, Desktop, Server, or Mac.


3. Check the Exclude retired devices box, to exclude devices no longer in use, from your report.


Note: To define a 'retired device', go to Admin > Settings > Devices. Learn more about defining a retired device.




4. Click Generate

The Software Inventory report displays. The Total Software summary is shown at the top. Below this are the details of the results, in table format.





You can click on themceclip1.png icon to display more detailed information about the installed software (shown below). 




Note: 'Last Checked' refers to the date and time of most current agent data retrieval.


You can export a PDF or Excel version of the report results by clicking the Export button in the top right-hand corner.





To uninstall a specific software from all your devices (from within the report):


1. Hover over the software you wish to uninstall. The 'Uninstall' option appears.




Click Uninstall


2. Click Uninstall again, on the confirmation prompt that displays.




The uninstallation process begins, and can take up to 12 hours to appear in the report.


To uninstall specific software from some (or all) of your devices (from within the report):


1. Click themceclip1.png icon to display detailed information about the installed software. 




2. On the page that appears, check the boxes of the devices whose software you wish to uninstall. You can go page by page. You can also click the mceclip3.png  icon to select all devices.



3. Go to the last page, and click Uninstall.


4. Click Uninstall again, on the confirmation prompt that displays.




The uninstallation process begins, and can take up to 12 hours to appear in the report.



  • Certain kinds of software (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.) do not allow for uninstallation.
  • Software can also be uninstalled by going to Devices > Manage (next to the device) > Software Inventory.
  • Due to Mac restrictions, software is deleted from the Applications folder only, and not all components are removed like on a PC.




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