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Schedule a Report

The report scheduling feature allows you to schedule any Atera report. The scheduled report will automatically generate and arrive in your inbox at the weekly/monthly time of your choosing.


Scheduling a Report


To schedule a report:

1. From the left-hand panel click Reports
2. Select any report (in this example we used the Software Inventory Report)
The selected report page displays.
3. Click the Schedule Report tab


The Scheduled Reports form displays.



4. Enter/verify the parameters for whichever report you selected

5. Click Schedule

The Add Schedule Report popup displays.




6. Enter a Description for the scheduled report e.g. 'Weekly Periodic Report'.

7. Select the Recipient (Contact or Technician), the field below will change depending on which option is selected here.
8. Select one or more Technicians/Contacts
Note: Only Contacts and Technicians already enabled in Atera can be selected. For more information on adding a contact, click here
9. Click either the Weekly or Monthly tab and then click the + button to add a schedule.


Weekly Schedule


Select the days, start hour time, and Frequency, then click Apply


Monthly Schedule




Select the Date and the start Hour time, then click Apply

The report is added to the schedule.
9. Click Apply
The Scheduled Reports form updates with the newly added schedules.
Note: From here you can Edit or Delete a scheduled report using the corresponding button.


Email Summary


Upon the scheduled running of the report, an email summary is sent to the selected recipients.

To view the full content of the report the recipient must click View More.


  • Technicians access scheduled reports through their Atera application account.
  • Contacts access scheduled reports through their customer portal frame. 
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