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Release Notes February 2018

New Features

The following new features have been added to this Release:

Agent Install Link now includes defined customer

Previously, when sending a link to the end client to install an agent on their workstation, there was no way to define what customer the Agent belonged to. The choice was either to talk the client through defining the customer on his end or for the Agent to end up in an Undefined Customer category and then for the technician to manually assign a customer.

Now, downloading the shareable agent installer link directly from the Customer ensures that the Agent is associated with the customer from the get go, thereby providing a far superior set-up experience for both you and your clients. The new link can be found under the specific Customer.


New MSI Agent Installer

Using the new MSI Agent Installer, you can install agents through the CMD in silent mode. This allows for a smoother agent installation for our customers who prefer a non UI approach. The new MSI Installer allows you to specify customer name. You can also install multiple agents in a domain environment using the MSI Installer. 

The Setup.msi file is downloaded from the Atera Portal and then run in the Command Prompt. 

An example of the Installer command for a specific customer will look like this:

msiexec /I Setup.msi /qn INTEGRATORLOGIN='xxx@yyy.zzz' COMPANYID='22'


Feedback dialog box added when running Scripts 

Previously, when a technician ran a script on a device requesting feedback, there was no response whatsoever from the Atera Portal. Now, a user friendly dialog box has been added. Note that if the results are not shown within the time frame, it is recommended to do the following:

Navigate to Admin > Patch Management and IT Automation. Create a new profile and attach the script. Click Execute Now and wait a few minutes. Then go to Reports > Patch and Automation Feedback Report. Select the new profile and click Generate.

New Block Contract Usage Report

This new Report provides detailed information on both Block Hours and Block Money contract types. The information includes all tickets connected to the Block contracts plus how much time/money is remaining.

Language Support added to Atera Portal

The Atera Portal now supports Thai. 

Atera QuickBooks Support Enhanced

In order for QuickBooks accounting users to send accurate invoices, the Product Labels from Atera can now be imported into Quickbooks by clicking on the appropriate checkbox. This checkbox is located in Admin > Settings > Billing.

Fixed Bugs

The following bugs have been fixed in this Release. 

  • The Scheduled Reports feature now sends an email with a link to the Report at the time scheduled to defined recipients.
  • Automation Profile emails are now sent when the Profile is run.
  • TCP Device monitoring now works as expected. Devices that are unavailable are displayed as such in the Atera portal.
  • Billing Batches now allow you to bill the same customer again in the same month for extra hours.
  • Link fixed for the Terms of Service in the Agent installation link.
  • Branding your Logo on Customer Reports now works as designed.
  • Third party updates & drivers with IT Automation profile now install correctly.
  • IT Automation Feedback Report now displays correct results of Java and Ninite Pro updates.
  • Automated Patch Management now displays all successfully and unsuccessfully installed patches as expected.
  • Uninstalling Webroot from a group of devices can now be performed without errors.
  • Issues when entering the key code to install Webroot have now been fixed.
  • Dashboard now displays correct data after adding more HDD capacity to a device.
  • Agent software information displays information correctly when there is no Office 365 installed.
  • Email Support Address can now hold extra characters.
  • Microsoft Service Display Name is now shown in Atera Portal instead of the Service name. 




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