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Install a New Online Backup Client

After you have created the Online Backup Client in the Dashboard, (see here for details), you'll need to download the software.


To download:


1. From the Atera Online Backup Dashboard, click on Manage
2. Then click Download Client
3. Save the file locally, or select Open to run the file immediately after the download completes.



Language Settings


1. Select the Language to use during installation
backup management
2. Click Next


Personal Access


3. Enter Device Name
4. Enter Password
5. Click Next

Note: You can find the Device name and Password in the Online Backup Dashboard client.

Click on the Username and the Client Information screen displays.

The Device Name is the User Name and the Client Password is the  Password. 



Security Code


6. Select the Encryption method

There are 3 levels of encryption supported:

  • AES-128
  • AES-256
  • Blowfish-443
7. Enter Security Code (this is a code that you make up)
Note: The security code is entered once per Online Backup client at the time of installation. This enables access, storage, and restore of files.
backup management
Note: The security code is encrypted and is NOT accessible by any third party, including Atera. Files cannot be retrieved or accessed if the security code is lost or forgotten.
8. Confirm Security Code
9. Click Next


Schedule your Backup


backup management
10. Set the Start Time for daily backups
11. Click Next


Report via email


backup management
12. Enter the Email address to receive daily reports to


Automatic file selection for backup


backup management
13. Specify the files you want to backup using the checkboxes
14. Click Done
15. Click Finish
The DataShield Online Backup Client is installed.
backup management


 View our policies on online backup retention in the event of a subscription interruption

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