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Install an Agent on a Mac OS Device

The Atera agent monitors the availability, performance and health of the workstation\server, and must be installed on all computers and servers you wish to monitor. This allows Atera to alert you when a critical system or resource is down, degraded, or has reached a predefined threshold parameter. Learn more about the Atera agent, including system requirements.


This article shows you how to download an agent to your Mac device. 



To install an agent:

1. From the Atera dashboard click the '+' drop-down menu > Agent Installer.



The Download agent installer screen appears.


2. Check to select Mac (.pkg), then click Download.





3. Once downloaded, double click the agent installer package. The setup assistant appears.




4. Follow the setup assistant's prompts. To automatically assign the agent (device) to a specific customer, check the box next to Check to edit customer (Optional), add your account password, and select the customer name from the dropdown menu. If left unchecked, the agent will be 'Undefined' (you can manually assign it later) .




5. Enter your Atera account username, optionally, you can edit the customer, and click Save.

The Agent is installed and will show in the Mac Finder, as well as on the Atera platform.

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