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Enable Secure Web Browsing (Webroot DNS)

Atera, via Webroot, offers full web browsing protection for all your customer's endpoints. With Webroot's SecureAnywhere DNS Protection, you can finely tune web access policies to prevent everyday web usage from becoming a major security risk. 

For full details on the Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection feature, click here.

For those customers who are new to Webroot and want to install either the AntiVirus package or the bundled package of both AntiVirus and Secure Web Browsing, refer to this article to activate and install the license.

For those customers who already have Webroot Antivirus installed, DNS Protection is an optional feature. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must set up your router to use Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection feature. For full instructions, please refer to the Appendix in the Webroot documentation.

For customers who want to enable DNS secure Web Browsing feature, follow the steps below. 

  1. In the Atera UI, click Webroot in the left hand panel. The Webroot page displays.
  2. Log in to Webroot with your username and password.

  3. Enter your first and sixth letter of your Security Code.

  4. Click on your Site name.

  5. Close the Welcome page that pops up.
  6. Click on Manage on the far right of the screen.

  7. Click the Enable SecureAnywhere DNS checkbox. Note that the predefined default DNS Policy is automatically applied to your site. 

  8. Click Save Changes.
  9. You can click Add Row and add in static/dynamic IPs with different customized policies as you wish.

Customize your Site DNS Policy 

In order to customize one of the existing DNS Protection Policies or to create a new one, navigate to Global Settings > DNS > Policies. For full information on tweaking the predefined Policies or creating new ones, refer to Webroot documentation.

Web Overrides

You can block or allow certain domains or subdomains and in addition show your end users a customized branded message when they attempt to browse to blocked sites via Global Settings > DNS > Web Overrides. For full information on using the Web Overrides feature, refer to Webroot documentation.



Pricing Model:

Webroot Antivirus = $1.20 per endpoint

Webroot Antivirus plus DNS Protection: All endpoints in your site will be covered  under the DNS Protection feature - even those without Webroot specifically installed on them - as it is set up through the central router. However, billing will be carried out based the number of Webroot endpoint licenses actually installed. The price is an extra $1.20 per license (in addition to the cost of the Webroot AV license itself).

Note: Atera strongly recommends that for maximum protection, you should install the Webroot AV on each endpoint.          



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