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View or Edit the Dashboard

The Atera Dashboard is your main window, enabling you to see all important information that may require your attention, such as tickets, alerts, and more. You can customize the dashboard to suit your needs.


To view Tickets and Alerts on the Dashboard: 


From the left hand panel. click Dashboard. The Dashboard appears.




Click on any ticket status widget to drill through to the tickets with that status

  • Open
  • Pending
  • Due Today
  • Overdue




Click on any alert status widget to view the alerts with that status

  • Warning
  • Critical


The remainder of the screen is occupied by widgets that provide summary information, real-time monitoring and other information. You may wish to disable, move or change the size of one or more widgets.


To customize the Dashboard:


1. Click Edit Layout
The Dashboard Layout window appears.
The left hand panel shows the available widgets. The right hand panel previews your changes.


2. Make changes using the toggle buttons and size selectors.


Changes are previewed in the Preview panel.


3. Click Save, to save your changes.
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