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Atera Mobile App

Introducing the Atera mobile app! Support your customers from the office, on-site, and on-the-go, with alert monitoring, access to customers, contacts and devices, remote access, ticketing, and more.



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Get critical and warning alerts, from anywhere

  • Alert push notifications 
  • Customize setting to get only the alerts you need
  • Side-swipe to resolve or snooze alerts


All the info you need, right at your fingertips 

  • Full device information
  • Full access to the device console
  • Customers
  • Contacts


Fix issues and perform updates on-the-go 


Stay on top of your tickets

  • Manage your tickets
  • Filter tickets by Open, Pending, Resolved, and Closed status
  • Add a public or internal reply
  • Edit ticket properties such as Ticket Status, Ticket Priority, Ticket Impact, Ticket Type, and Ticket Assignee



Get the Atera Mobile App on iOS App Store or Google Play










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