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Release Notes End-of-March 2020

The following new features and improvements appear in this version:



Shared Script Library: Introducing our shared community script library! Now you can share scripts with the whole Atera community and benefit from the contributions of others. Scripts can be cloned and modified, giving you complete customization flexibility.  We’ve also added a ‘View’ button on individual scripts. Learn more





2FA: Now you can stay logged in on your trusted computer or mobile, for up to a week, without being prompted for codes. Just check the 'Keep me logged in' option. Learn more 


2FA_lite_7_days.JPG Mobile_app_2FA.JPG



PowerShell: We’ve added PowerShell to the list of device ‘Manage’ functions. Now you can use PowerShell from within Atera. Learn more





Device Folders: We've added a new 'Unassigned' category within Customer > Devices > Folders to enable you to see the organization of all your devices, and easily assign devices as needed.   





No Limitations: Now you can see all tickets in the Tickets view and all devices within a specific customer. We removed the limitation that caused only the 5 most recent to display.






 We've fixed the following bugs:


(19378) Fixed a bug causing instances of script timeouts.


(19381) Fixed a bug causing instances of blank Script Output windows, when running a script.


(19486) Fixed a bug causing failure of the 'Upload Script' window to close, once script is uploaded.


(19803) Fixed a bug preventing a customer logo from appearing in the Satisfied Customers report.


(19817) Fixed a bug causing instances of subscriber inability to enter credit card details.


(19828) Fixed a bug where 'Unassigned' tickets weren't appearing when filtering by 'All technicians'. 


(19841) Fixed a bug causing Knowledge Base Library, customer-restriction issues. 


(19880) Fixed a bug in the agent, causing SSL/TLS issues. 


(19884) Removed an 'agent installation wizard' preview image, appearing in Whitelabel.


(19886) Fixed a bug causing continued access to account, after trial has ended.


(19887) Fixed a broken link in the Knowledge Base section.


(19891) Fixed a bug in the Mobile App, causing issues with push notifications.


(19899) Fixed a Patch Management bug where excluded patches were showing as available (instead of excluded) after the automation profile had run.


(19913) Fixed a bug causing the Atera Command Prompt to display duplicate output.


(19917) Fixed a bug causing instances of chat disconnection (with Splashtop).  


(20001) Fixed a bug causing notifications to be generated on inactive contracts. 

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