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Release Notes June 2019


The following new features and improvements have been added to this release:



.NET Framework 4.5: We’ve updated our MSI and agent installer to support .NET Framework 4.5, and above, for ease of agent installation for most users, as well as enhanced capability, scalability and security. Atera agents can now effortlessly be installed on Windows OS 10 and Windows Server 2016, and above. Support for the older .NET Framework 3.5 will be phased out over a 6 month period. Learn more



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Mac Agent Upgrade: We’ve upgraded the Atera agent for Mac devices to a new and much improved version, correcting major issues like high CPU values and connectivity loss. Existing agents will automatically be upgraded, for maximum convenience. Note: Mac users should open port 443 (in addition to port 80) for optimal agent communication.



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Block Contract Balance Report: We’ve revamped the report for improved functionality and clarity. The report now includes hours/money used, remaining, and overage within the time period(s) selected. Additionally, you can now choose multiple time periods, and the time periods displayed in the dropdown are relevant to the specific customer and contract. Learn more







Retired Devices: We’ve added a way to isolate devices no longer in use, and exclude them from reports, for the most accurate reporting. Learn more 







Software Inventory Report: We’ve further improved the Software Inventory report. Software can now be uninstalled on Mac devices. Additionally, when uninstalling software (on PC or Mac), you can now select (or deselect) specific devices. Learn more







Last Seen: The ‘last seen’ parameter (time agent was last seen, based on Atera’s sync cycle) is now included in the devices 'Advanced' search filter, as well as in the Auditor report. Learn how to use the Advanced Filter to refine your device search.





Reports: We’ve added the appropriate time period on to exported reports (PDF and Excel), for enhanced clarity.









Exported Invoices: Your exported billing batch (csv. File) now contains a unique customer identifier (‘Business Number’) and a product identifier (‘SKU’) for added clarity on invoices. 








We've fixed the following bugs:


(6955) Fixed a bug causing failure of 'total disk capacity' to appear on the Mac agent dashboard.

(7541) Fixed a bug causing failure of the 'Ticket Activity' module (on the Dashboard) to reflect the selected time zone.

(8397) Fixed a QuickBooks exporting error.

(8882) Fixed a bug causing a calculation error in the ratings of the Satisfied Customers report.

(8899) Fixed a bug causing email delivery of duplicate Patch & Automation Feedback reports.

(15078) Fixed a bug causing failure of IT Automation to deploy the latest version of Java.

(16574)  Fixed a bug in the Agent Health report causing inability to schedule a new report, after deleting an existing one.

(15680) Fixed a bug causing dysfunction of the Mac in-app command prompt. 

(16748) Fixed a bug causing failure of Splashtop to launch, on Samsung tablets.

(16793) Fixed a bug causing failure of an assigned role to restrict a technician’s access to only one customer.

(16794) Fixed an error where adding an apostrophe to a technician’s name caused 2FA dysfunction.

(16801) Fixed a bug causing instances of an incorrect time stamp on technician ticket updates.

(16805) Fixed a bug causing inability to update the alerts email (address for receiving alerts).

(16871) fixed a bug causing link dysfunction, within the Patch & Automation Feedback scheduled (emailed) report.





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