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Release Notes October 2017

New Features

The following new features have been added in this Release:

Secure Browsing (Webroot DNS) 

Atera, together with Webroot, is pleased to announce the roll out of a new feature designed to improve security for all machines in your site. Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection is purpose-built to help MSPs solve the need for better internet security. By providing cloud-based, domain layer security that protects users externally, rather than relying entirely on the endpoint, providers can ensure that most internet threats are contained before they even reach the client’s network. 

Security Polices are fully configurable with 82 different URL categories to select. You can also select domains and subdomains to specifically block and configure a branded message to your end users.

For more information on how to enable Secure Browsing and pricing costs, please refer to the Enable Secure Web Browsing article.

For more information on configuring and customizing the Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection feature, refer to the DNS Admin Protection Guide.

Software Inventory Report - This new Report displays the Software Inventory on specified Agents and can be filtered by CustomerName or PublisherVersion and Agent Type.

You can search for Agents which have specific software installed. You can also search for installed software using CustomerPublisher, and Version parameters, or search for it across all customers.

Advanced Filters - The new Advanced Filters option in the Devices Console enables you to perform additional filtering and search functions. You can mix and match ALL and ANY type conditions to customize the filter to best suit your needs.

Scheduling Reports - Atera now provides the option to schedule any Report to be generated and emailed at a time and date convenient for both technicians and your customers.  Weekly and monthly scheduling are both supported. 

Adding Passwords - This new feature allows the technician to add a password for Devices.

Patch Status Summary Report- A new Patch Status Summary report has been added to the Atera UI. It enables the technician to identify the following:

  • Overall Summary - Displays Agents that are generally up-to-date and not up-to-date.
  • Vulnerability - Displays Agents and how many Patches are missing in each Agent.
  • Missing Patches - Displays Patches and how many Agents are missing each Patch.


New Help Features -  New interactive help features have been added to improve your Atera experience. From the bottom right corner, you can click the '?' symbol. This displays the following options: go directly to the Getting Started page, start a live chat with Support staff, search for a specific article or request a Webinar with Atera's Experts.

Manage Device - Enhancements - Several new options have been added to the Devices screen:

  • Run Script for multiple selected devices 
  • Power actions for multiple selected devices
  • Helpdesk Agent for multiple selected devices
  • Webroot added for multiple selected devices

Enhancements to Customer Satisfaction Drill down Report - The following options were added to this Report:

  • The report can now be sorted by Customer, providing an at-a-glance view of overall customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction.
  • The detailed customer breakdown in the report now lists Ticket Number, enabling the technician to drill down to each ticket directly from the report.

Customer Portal Enhancement - A new "Forgot Password" feature has been added to the Customer Portal which enables your customers to reset forgotten passwords. 

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in this Release.

  • The Auditor report has been streamlined to remove non existing information on anti virus status from Mac stations. 
  • The Share Windows Agent installation link now performs as expected.
  • When unsuccessfully trying to "Wake" a Mac device from the Devices screen, the technician now receives the appropriate error message. 
  • Ticket Rounding now refers to each ticket separately and not the entire ticket group.
  • The API GET /api/v3/tickets has the following fixes applied to it:
    • It no longer returns deleted tickets.
    • It no longer returns 500 Internal Server Error when requesting more than 33 tickets.
  • In the Customer Information  > State field, the offered States for different countries, such as Australia and New Zealand is now displayed correctly.
  • In Admin > Email Settings, the technician is now successfully restricted to adding five additional email addresses.
  • The bill rate description field in Admin > Contract > Contract Rates can now display over 150 characters without issues.
  • In the Tickets screen, when using the filter to display tickets assigned to technicians, the results now display as expected and no longer include unassigned tickets.
  • In the Tickets > Actions > Products and Expenses screen, the issue of endless loading has been fixed and the results now display properly.
  • When deleting attachments under a Customer, you are now given the option to cancel if you inadvertently clicked on Delete. 
  • When installing Webroot it no longer populates the technician's cached credentials for logging into the ticketing portal.
  • It's now possible to delete low ranked tickets to allow the technician's Satisfaction rating to improve.
  • The Customer Periodic report now opens when there is an API alert.
  • Technician Performance report now works as expected. 
  • Threshold of Hard Disk Temperature now monitoring as expected.
  • All technicians - regardless of role - can now open a ticket from an Alert.
  • Via API, the technician can now change the status of a ticket.
  • Devices > Program Manager list no longer contains duplicates.
  • USA Compliant addressing now added to invoices.
  • IT Automation Feedback Report Export now displays full details even after deleting a station. 
  • The Server Status alert has been changed to reflect the fact that Atera is referring to all devices and not just servers. The message now refers to "machines" instead of Servers.
  • Portuguese is now supported in the Customer Portal and in the ServiceDesk Client.
  • When uploading a file, such as an attachment, a progress bar now displays for a more user friendly experience.
  • Online backup reports now display the logo as required.
  • Online backup client time zone is now synchronized with Atera time zone.
  • In Devices > Agents screen, the Office version in the Software description now displays correctly.
  • IT Automation shutdown now takes place immediately without an hour delay.
  • In Admin > Email Settings, once the technician configures an SMTP address, the endpoint will now be offline until authenticated. 
  • In Devices > Manage > Program Manager, the technician can now uninstall multiple selected programs.
  • Importing the csv invoice file to the third party billing agent Xero now works as expected.
  • Agent > Manage > Task Manager - the ascending/descending order in the Name field issue has been resolved.
  • In Admin > Email Settings, when using the SMTP Server setting, emails using Gmail accounts are now supported.   
  • In Admin > Patch Management & IT Automation now allows a Script to run locally.
  • Reboot warning now says the name of the MSP company and not Atera.
  • In Admin > Patch Management & IT Automation, the Powershell script now runs without errors.
  • Online Backup > Dashboard > Backup size now displays full information.
  • The Wake on Lan feature now works as expected.
  • In Agent > Metrics, an agent that is offline will no longer have irrelevant information displayed in this Metrics section.
  • The Agent Health report now supports an Agent name that is longer than 30 characters.
  • The API GET /api/v3/contracts no longer returns duplicate contracts.
  • The API GET /api/v3/agents no longer throws a 500 null exception error if there are no agents to return.
  • In the Dashboard >Server Status widget, the numbers are now correctly displayed.
  • In Admin > Roles, when trying to delete a customer from the bottom right of the UI, the system now gives you the option to cancel if you clicked on delete accidentally. 
  • A technician without the required permission that tries to delete an Alert will now receive the correct error message from Atera.  
  • When looking to associate an individual ticket to a new contract, only active contracts will be displayed. 



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