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Six Ways to Create Helpdesk Tickets

There are six ways to create helpdesk tickets in Atera. Tickets can be: 

  1. Created manually by a technician
  2. Created by your customer with the hot key combination of CTRL+F12. See Article: Installing the HelpDesk Agent  
  3. Created by your customer when sending an email to support 
  4. Created manually from an alert
  5. Created by your customer on the customer portal 
  6. Created automatically from a chat session 

Manual ticket creation by a technician

1. From the left hand panel, click Dashboard.

2. Then click the + sign and select New Ticket from the drop-down menu.

The Add Ticket page appears.

3. Enter the ticket creation details using the dropdowns:

  • Contact
  • Ticket Title
  • Technician
  • Ticket Priority - The available options are Low, Medium, High and Critical.
  • Ticket Impact
  • Ticket Type
4. Enter the Ticket Description
5. Add any supporting Attachments

Note: The Register Ticket Creation Time counter tracks how long the technician took to enter the ticket. To disable tracking uncheck the box.


6. Click Save
The Tickets page update - your new ticket displays.


Ticket creation via the CTRL+F12 hotkeys

Your customer can create a ticket by pressing the hotkey combination CTR+F12. In order for this to work the Helpdesk Agent must be activated. See Activate Helpdesk Agent.


Note: After installing the Helpdesk Agent, the customer must complete a short confirmation form to authenticate the Helpdesk Agent, the first time they use it. This is for the purpose of securely confirming the customer is associated with the correct company.


Customer ticket creation via the Customer Portal

In order for this to work the Customer Portal must be activated. See Configure the Customer Support Portal


Customer ticket creation via chat session

A ticket can automatically be generated from a chat session. After two minutes of conversation, a ticket is automatically created. By default, the new ticket name appears as follows: 'New Ticket Opened from Chat'. At the end of the chat session, you can edit the name of the ticket. 

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